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Driving Data-driven Success at the Edge

APOP is Your Trusted Edge Computing Partner
in harnessing the power of real-time data to drive agility and success.

Edge Computing: The New Era of Computing

Edge Computing, in simple terms, refers to the practice of processing and analyzing data at or near the source, rather than sending it to a centralized cloud or data center. This enables faster response times, reduced costs, improved data privacy and security. 


With the explosion of IoT devices and the rising need for real-time data processing, edge computing solutions and powerful AI accelerators are in huge demand  — this is where APOP comes in.

Key Benefits of Edge Computing

One Platform, Full Support to Your Data Journey

APOP's solutions provide end-to-end data visibility, empowering enterprises to make informed decisions, optimize operations, and ensure transparency throughout the data journey.


From procurement and production, to distribution and beyond, APOP revolutionizes data management and helps businesses thrive.

Our Products: Making Edge AI Accessible to All

APOP's products are crafted to provide the foundation for edge AI applications, empowering enterprises to unlock the full potential of edge AI to improve efficiency, enhance productivity, and gain a competitive advantage.

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Other Models from AIoT Series

Your One-stop Shop for Smart Operation & Management

Computer Vision Algorithms for Various Industries

VisionEdge combines advanced computer vision algorithms with a sophisticated AI processor to deliver real-time, actionable insights for precise decision-making. With its built-in application platform, VisionEdge fits smoothly into your workflow and guarantees unrivaled management efficiency, security and experience.

APOP comes from AI (Artificial Intelligence) and PoP (Point-of-Presence).

PoP refers to the access point where different networks establish connections with each other. If PoP is the connection in the world of the Internet; APOP represents the connection in the world of AI.

Our mission: Becoming a Leading Edge AI Solutions Provider.

With APOP's expertise in IC design and advanced AI accelerator series, our customized offerings empower enterprises across various industries, including smart construction, property management, retail, manufacturing, and more, to achieve data-driven success through high-performance edge computing.

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