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Leads the Way at the Edge.

Edge AI Computing: The New Era of Computing

Key Benefits of Edge AI Computing

APOP is dedicated to fueling your Digital Enterprise Success with Edge AI

One Platform, Full Support to Your Data Journey

From procurement and production to distribution and beyond, APOP platform delivers end-to-end data visibility, empowering enterprises to make informed decisions, optimize operations and ensure transparency throughout the data journey.

Why Our Products?

Rich Algorithms Variety

Covering real-time object recognition, operation safety, autonomous driving, quality checking, personnel analysis and perimeter alarm, etc.

Packaged SDK and AI pipelines including trained AI models, industrial-specific application platform for API integration.

Open Integration

Choose your preferred deployment - public cloud, private cloud, hybrid, or on-premise - while maintaining full control over automation.

Flexible Deployment

VisionEdge supports real-time end-to-end analysis of 16-channel 1080p HD videos; each channel of video can simultaneously run up to 3 algorithms.

Outstanding Performance

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Other Models from AIoT Series

Built-in Dashboard for IoT Sensor Data Collection

AI Platform x Industry-leading Computer Vision Algorithms

VisionEdge: All-in-One Solution

for AI Applications & ESG Management

VisionEdge is an edge device specially designed for AI applications and ESG management. 

With its sophisticated edge AI processor, an extensive suite of industry-leading algorithms and applications, VisionEdge fits smoothly into your workflow and guarantees unrivaled management efficiency, security and experience.